Always follow your dreams

You get freedom by pursuing your dreams. Do you know what your dreams are?
I’d love to help you figure out what freedom is for you and how you can get more of it into your life.

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Hi, I am Veerle

I am a big believer in always following your dreams! I have turned my hobby into my job a couple of times already. For years I have been organizing festivals as a volunteer coordinator, after starting as a volunteer myself. Besides that, I have been earning a passive income through Pinterest and my blogs.

Earning money with Pinterest has given me the freedom to quit my freelancing jobs and start living the life I want. In 2019 I finally did it. I cancelled my house, and became a digital nomad. Now I have the freedom to travel around the world whenever I want.

Since that, I have lived and worked in Slovenia, Bulgaria, and the Canary Islands. Nowadays I have a thriving coaching business and can work from wherever I want.

Are you ready to live a life full of freedom as well?

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Days as a nomad

Let’s work together

Lets work together


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Lets work together


Lets work together


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How did I get started?

Can you imagine that there was a time that I didn’t like to travel?

It is hard to think of that, but when we were in the United States in 2012, I hated it. Having to move every other day was way too much for me. It wasn’t until my first proper solo trip in 2017 that I started to love traveling! You can read my story here.

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Suppen op de Vecht
Suppen op de Vecht
Barranco de las Vacas op Gran Canaria