Hi, I am Veerle and I have a dream!

Half a year ago, I woke up on my first day in Split, Croatia. I made my instant cappuccino, my guilty pleasure.

I was in this hostel, Backpackers Fairytale. A year before I wanted to go there, but they were completely booked out the days I was in town. The reason why I wanted to go to this specific hostel was not only the name. They offered daytours and paddleboarding trips as well.

This time around I booked it in advance and that’s why I was there at 7.a.m. on the balcony with my morning coffee.


In the chair next to me, was a guy, Alex. We sat there for hours and we had this deep conversation about life, slowing down and what you want in life.

Alex, whom I have never met before this day and haven’t seen since kept asking me questions. About what I wanted and why and how.

I told him about my past as an Art Therapist and how I missed it to help people. But I also told him about my dream to buy my own paddleboard. Because of all his questions, all fell into place and I realized I wanted to coach people, on a paddleboard. I realized that I was longing to take people out on the water and just paddle.


“Since i said my dream out loud,
it has been on my mind”

The thing was, I have been on a paddleboard three times in my life when we had this conversation. I felt a bit ashamed about it, dreaming of something without any experience.

But since I said my dream out loud, it has been on my mind.


At that point I made the plan to buy my paddleboard when I would be back in the Netherlands and practice a lot. Just see if the dream would stick with me. And if it did, I would start coaching in 2021.


The biggest obstacle in my plan was, that I wasn’t planning on being in the Netherlands that much in the following year. When would I have the time to practice and buy the boards?


Fast forward to March 2020. COVID-19 hit the world big time. We are not allowed to go outside too much, just for a quick ‘fresh nose‘ as we say in the Netherlands. As long as you keep your 1.5m distance, you are fine. A SUP-board is 3m so I figured this would be the perfect time to order my own board. I have a yearly bucket list and for every box, I thick off, I reward myself 10 euro. This goes into my activity fund.



“I need to get people out on the water, we have to keep moving.” 



My bord came in the mail the day I was writing this. And the moment I was opening the box, it just hit me. I need a second board.

I need to get people out on the water, we have to keep moving.

My plans for 2020 changed completely. All events in the Netherlands are canceled until the first of June. I have no job, no festivals, no hostels to get back to, no tourism whatsoever. We just don’t know when tourism is gonna start up again and therefore my plans to go to Slovenia or Gran Canaria disappeared.

So that got me thinking again, why wait with this wonderful idea? It has been on my mind for a couple of months now.

Why hold back because I have no money? Because I have literally no income? That is the worst reason ever. If you let money limit you in any way, you have to work on your money mindset. This has been a subject that I can be very passionate and strict about. Some of my friends know this. I don’t wanna limit myself by fear of having no money.

So how  am I gonna get there?  

So I don’t have the money to buy another paddleboard and enough gear for other people.

And that’s where you guys come in. Everyone in my timeline was so enthusiastic when I showed the photo of my board. So I was hoping people would like to support my dream. I have lots to offer in return, ways to help you if you are willing to help me.

For example, I do have an E-course on how to make money on Pinterest. You can easily earn back the money you give to me.

Here I have listed some ways that you can support me!

Ways to support my sup dream!

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Wanna help without  products? 

Offcourse you don’t have to buy a product you don’t need. If you want to support me, you can also donate an amount of your choice! There is no minimum and every euro, dollar whatever counts! I am grateful that you have read this far!

If you don’t have any money to support me with, i completely understand. You can support me by sharing this, brainstorm with me what else i could offer, or buy something else at Amazon or other shops. No extra costs for you, some commission for me!

What now?

If you have bought something! THANKS from the bottom of my heart. At the end of the crowdfunding I will send out all the information for the courses or e-books!

For the dutchies: Als je een wandeling bij me hebt gekocht, dan gaan we natuurlijk even inplannen wanneer we dit veilig kunnen gaan doen! Het zou al mogelijk zijn zolang we genoeg gepaste afstand houden.

De groepswandeling kan pas plaats vinden wanneer we weer met meerdere mensen mogen samen komen.

Voor het suppen geldt dat het pas mogelijk is wanneer het tweede supbord er daadwerkelijk is.



570 of € 750